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We WON'T keep spare parts from our customers on any installation service!
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About Us

Arms Airsoft Mission
Arms Airsoft opened its online shop in 2003 with a mission to use the Internet to introduce the "airsoft" sport/hobby to the globe, by providing professional advice and recommendations, a comprehensive range of products and accessories, fully dedicated customer service and technical support, and last but not least, our customs, to anyone who is interested in this remarkable and fast growthing sport/hobby
Dedicated Friendly Customer Services
We are not content with just providing a website catalog on the Internet for our customers, it is just not enough. To show our dedication, we provide friendly English speaking customer service to our customers. Customers are welcome to contact us, 365 days a year, through our e-mail, Internet phone or through our customer service hotline. So no matter where you live and what the time zone is, our representatives and technicians can assist you with your concerns and provide solution to any technical and purchasing issues that you face, in a timely and professional manner when you need it! We strive ourselves to excel in terms of professional service and competitive price.
Professional Knowledge and Experience
We have been with airsoft for more than 15 years. From the days where JAC & MGC dominated the market and a gas tank had to be carried on one's back, to the emerging of Marui's electric driven automatic airsoft gun and more realistic gas blow back automatic pistols. Our technical consultants are not only airsoft lovers; some are to the extreme that they are holders of bachelor degrees in engineering. So we understand airsoft from the ground up, e.g. why hop up induces lift to a BB, why an 7mm bearing gear box can prevent gear box fatigue facture (e.g.crack), and what type of coating TN barrel use and how it helps reduce friction, and why an anodizing on aluminum pistol slide can harden the surface and help the paint hold better. In addition, we have our own CNC lathe and CNC mill machines in house, allowing us to do some very serious customization for our customers that no other shop can provide.
Comprehesive Range of Products
Arms Airsoft is the place to find and discover quality airsoft products you want to buy online as well as view comments that users from all over the world have given or even add your own valuable opinion for others before or after you make/made you purchase. We will continue to expand our comprehesive range of airsoft products in order to bring the latest automatic electric gun, pistol, shotgun, custom airsoft and related accessories, combat gear, communcation devices, optics and more. We are continually updating and upgrading our online store to give our customers a more enjoyable and intelligent shopping experience.
Fast and Reliable Deliveries
We offer a 100% guarantee delivery against customs seizure of our product to airsoft legal regions or your money back. Our expericence shows that this is a guarantee that our customer will never use, but is a nice safety net to have. Also, we are always the first to get the latest products and our product selection is far more complete than other retailers because of an well-cultivated supplier chain management. Therefore, we can prepare your order the blink of an eye. After we confirm your order and payment, it usually takes us less than 24 hours to ship. Our long-term relationship with our couriers also helps us provide our customer the best shipping rates. Added together, you can enjoy the most competitive price from Arms Airsoft.


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Limitation of Liability
The author will not be held liable for any advice or suggestions given. If the reader want to follow a suggestion, it is at his or her own discretion. Suggestions are only offered to help.
Orange Barrel Tip and Trademark Removal For United States Customer
All airsoft guns are required to have the tip (1/2 to 3/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colour in blaze orange. All non-licensed trademarks have to be removed from all airsoft guns for copyright reasons.
*Zero Customs Seizure Record
Arms Airsoft have zero customs seizure record for countries or regions where airsoft is legitimate to be imported and owned individually. Additionally, when ordering from Arms Airsoft, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.
**24 Hours Shipping
All order are to be sent within 24 working hours after Arms Airsoft have confirmed receive of the corresponding payment except saturday afternoon, sunday and public holiday according to Hong Kong time as delivery service is not available.
Classic Army Rail Sleeve For M15 Series - 450mm
Tokyo Marui M1911A1Colt Government
Expiring in 2 days
Expiring in 2 days
Expiring in 2 days
AK47 Beita Spetsnaz
Expiring in 2 days
Hard Kick Desert Eagle .50AE Chrome Stainless
Expiring in 2 days
M700 with Power Control System and camouflage
Expiring in 2 days
Tokyo Marui Type 89 Rifle
Expiring in 2 days
M4A1 R.I.S.
Expiring in 2 days
Samurai Edge
Expiring in 2 days
KJ Works P226 Full Metal II
Expiring in 2 days
SMG Valve Installation
SG Polizei P228 (Hop Up)
SMG Detail Disassemble
Milspex MBSS Molle Hydration Backpack (OD)
Sanyo 9.6V 1700mAh (P90/P90TR)
ET-1000 (ship by surface mail only)
Tokyo Marui MK23 (Spring) Magazine (25 Rounds)
KSC BBs 0.2g 4000 Rounds
AEG Detail Disassemble
Tokyo Marui USP (Spring) Magazine (25 Rounds)